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Interferometers ZGOptoTL are designed for

  • Testing of optical surfaces accuracy;
  • Measuring of radii;
  • Checking of objectives TWD (transmission wavefront distortion);
  • Checking of laser rods optical homogeneity (model ZGOptoTL-20).

ZGOptoTL-60 ZGOptoTL-20 ZGOptoTL-250
ZGOptoTL interferometers

Main features and benefits of interferometers ZGOptoTL

  • Small size for easy placing close to machines in busy optical shops with intensive foot traffic;
  • Specially designed original FastInterf software for simple and fast measuring procedure in production conditions;
  • Two nearby located monitors for quick adjusting and visualizing the interferometric picture;
  • Two light sources (laser and light-emitting diode) to simplify adjusting and reduce the impact of the second surface when checking plane-parallel plates;
  • Motorized vertical movement (for ZGOptoTL-60 and ZGOptoTL-250);
  • Large set of transmission spheres (table below);
  • Set of adjusting stages for components under test;
  • The modular design concept to reconfigure the Interferometer quickly for various needs;
  • Centering test of single lenses as well as lenses in housing;
  • Double speed vertical motion driver for quick and precise adjusting;
  • Passive anti-vibration system;
  • Rigid design reducing vibration effect up to the level necessary for computer measurements.

FastInterf software

Calculation time - several sec.

Calculation of all standard errors corresponding to optical surface and through-passing wavefront:

  • (P-V) error;
  • (RMS) error;
  • defocus (power);
  • 3rd order aberrations;
  • Zernike polynomial coefficients;
  • Radiuses of shallow surfaces (up to 6 fringes);
  • Results of calculations are presented in various forms, including 3D surface topography;
  • Presentation of computer generated interferometric pattern for visual evaluation of the results authenticity.

FastInterf software

Serial models of ZGOptoTL Interferometers can be customized according specific user’s requirements.

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