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Interferometer ZGOptoTL-20 is applied to check optical homogeneity (transmitting wavefront distortion)
of laser rods and other materials of the same size.


Technical parameters of Interferometer ZGOptoTL-20

Optical scheme Fizeau
Arrangement of optical axis of the system Horizontal
Type of components under test Rods with two parallel polished surfaces, plane-parallel plates
Shape of surface under test Plane
Refraction coefficient of surface under test 1-99%
Diameter range:
- plane surface

3 mm – 20 mm
Testing accuracy P-V λ/10
Maximum value of the error to measure
Light source HeNe 633 nm
or DPSS SLM 532 nm
Weight of device ≤30 kg
Overall dimensions:

≤500 mm
≤300 mm
≤150 mm

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