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Automatic Laser Goniometer

Automatic Laser Goniometer G-01L

The most accurate Goniometer in the world!

The accuracy is confirmed by Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

Goniometer software

The software allows:

  • to register the absolute and relative object position
  • to record both single and averaged from several measurements angle positions
  • to creation various parameter profiles for work with different types of objects and reflecting surfaces
  • to display the measurement results in the form of a table and record them into file
  • the connection to a PC or laptop directly via USB 2.0 interface

Measurement Applications

The automatic laser goniometer G-01L (hereinafter referred to as goniometer) is designed for measuring angles of multifaceted optical polygons with face reflectivity not less than 30% at the wavelength 0.68 μm and for error estimation of photoelectric angle transducers.

The goniometer allows to perform measurements upon incremental angle encoders (IAE) and absolute rotary encoders (ARE) that utilize parallel (TTL square-wave signals) or serial (SSI synchronous-serial) interface.

Description Values
Measurement range, ° 0-360
Measurement uncertainty, " 0,1
Power supply, V, Hz AC 220, 50
Consumable power not greather than, W 1000
Weight, kg 82,5
Delivery Set
Goniometer 1 pcs
Laptop 1 pcs
Interface cable 1 pcs
Software 1 kit
Manual 1 package
Certificate 1 pcs

Note: technical specifications can be changed upon customer's request

More information about Automatic Laser Goniometer G-01L (.pdf)

Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) test report (.pdf)

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