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Automatic Laser Goniometer

Automatic Laser Goniometer G-03L

Automatic Goniometer G-03L is designed for precise (automatic) measurements of optical polygon and prism angles.

One measurement is considered as a measurement taken during 16 revolutions of the rotary table (approx. 30 sec of time).

Optical polygon/prism faces can be coated or not coated with reflection layer.

Automatic Goniometer G-03L based on ring laser - new generation of fast digital angle-measurement systems.

Automatic Goniometer provides high precision angle measurement during short time interval.

Continuous rotation of the rotary table with the specimen provides fully automatic measurement with great efficiency. Automatic Goniometer G-03L has different modifications for:

  • high precision measurements and certification of optical polygons and prisms manufactured of glass, glass ceramics and metal;
  • optical encoder calibration;
  • refraction index measurements of different materials by measuring minimum beam deviation angles;
  • non-contact measurement of object angular position movements.


Application abilities of G-03L:
  • metrology and measuring technique
    high precision measurements and certification of angular sensors (optical encoders, regular/irregular polygons, inductosines, etc.)
  • precision engineering
    calibration of rotary tables and test beds, measurement of tool way linearity and flatness of calibration plates
  • scientific research
    determination of angular position of mirrors, crystals and other elements of experimental hardware
  • navigation technique

Technical characteristics

Random component of the measurement error (1s) 0.03 arc-sec
Systematic component of the measurement error 0.1 arc-sec
Maximum lines/bits number of calibrated encoder 900000 / 22
The error of angle measurement 0.2 arc-sec
Max. weight 40 kg
Goniometer dimensions 355×355×420 mm

More information about Automatic Laser Goniometer (.pdf)

Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) test report (.pdf)

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