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Portable Synthetic Vision System

Portable Synthetic Vision System [1]
Portable Synthetic Vision System [2]

Portable Synthetic Vision System (PSV) is portable electronic flight and navigation instrumentation system (EFIS), which is fully independent from onboard systems of an aircraft. It includes its own navigation data source and accumulator battery to provide autonomous power supply. PSV is a bring in equipment and can be easily mounted on any type of light aircraft or helicopter.

The PSV equipment integrates all the functions of a modern EFIS in a single compact easy-to-install system. PSV displays all necessary information in easy to interpret way and provides intuitive flight guidance, thus reducing pilot's workload and increasing the situation awareness.

Inertial GNSS-aided navigation system

Operating Ranges Specification
Angular velocity ±250°/s Interface RS232
Acceleration ±6g Update rate 50 Hz
Pitch ±90° Warm-up time 30 sec
Roll ±90° Operating temperature -20..+60°C
Heading 0..360° Shock 20g (5 ms)
    Input voltage 10-30 VDC
Type of sensors MEMS Power 1.5 W
    Size 125×80×57 mm
    Weight 0.7 kg

Panasonic CF-19 (MIL-STD-810F)

Intel Core Duo 1.06 GHz Power 60 W
HDD 80 Gb Operating temperature 0..+60°C
RAM 1.5 Gb Storage temperature -40..+60°C
RS232 Weight 2.3 kg
Brightness 500 nit  

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