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Strapdown Inertial Navigation System


Navigation mode is activated automatically after alignment is finished. The system can function in autonomous inertial mode or in integrated inertial/GNSS mode (when GNSS data is available). If odometer data is available, autonomous inertial mode with correction from odometer is also possible.

Nav-7 is the newest navigation system in the line of ZG products. Nav-7 is inertial navigation system based on Micro fiber-optic (FOG) gyros and MEMS accelerometers. The system is capable of long term (1 h and more) navigation in autonomous inertial mode.

Advanced data processing algorithms enable unequaled for compact FOG-based systems accuracy characteristics.

The system features built in GNSS receiver, thus the system can function in INS/GNSS integrated mode, as well as in autonomous inertial mode after GNSS-aided alignment.

The system is compatible with external air data system sensor (ADS), thus ADS-aided autonomous inertial mode is available.


  • long-time autonomous navigation (after GNSS-aided kinematic alignment)
  • full navigation solution (coordinates, motion parameters, attitude)
  • compact size, low weight
  • high output rate
  • full navigation solution during GNSS outages
  • no periodic maintenance required

Technical specification

Operating Ranges
Angular rate ±150 °/s
Acceleration ±10 g
Altitude 20 000 m
Pitch ±90°
Roll ±180°
Heading 0..360°
Data output
Interface RS232, RS422(2 ports)
Output data rate 50 Hz
Data format binary
Cold start 600 s
Input voltage 10..30 VDC
Power 17 W
Size 165 х 136 х 108 mm
Weight 2.1 kg

Accuracy* INS+GNSS mode Inertial mode INS+ADS INS+odometer
Horizontal coordinates 6 m 1.5 n.m. per 1 hour (СЕР) 0.3% of distance travelled
Ground speed 0.05 m/s 1 m/s 1 m/s
Vertical speed 0.2 m/s 0.25 m/s 0.25 m/s
Attitude (roll, pitch)
dynamic accuracy 0.07° 0.08° 0.08°
Heading (after 10 min GNSS-aided initialization)
dynamic accuracy 0.02° 0.8°..1° (per 1 hour) 0.8°..1° (per 1 hour)
Altitude 2 m 4 m 4 m

* if not specified, the accuracy data is assumed to be 1σ

Nav-7 firmware can be adjusted to fit the dynamics of the particular carrier, thus providing optimal performance solution on any type of land and aerial vehicle.

Specification subject to change without notice. Contact the manufacturer to get the actual data.

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