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Automatic Goniometers
G-1DA and G-3DA

Automatic Goniometers G-1DA and G3-DA are designed for in-process inspection of the mutual alignment of optical details operating surfaces.


Monitored parameters

  • angular measurements prism pyramidal error measurements
  • wedge measurements
  • refraction index measurements

Technical features

  • height-adjustable autocollimator mount
  • the revolving table can be rotated automatically with a servo drive
  • wide-range and high precision autocollimator

Software features

  • servo drive control
  • measurements processing
  • test record sheet generation
  • creating measurement scripts (i.e. assignment of an automatic table rotation sequence)


  • low sensitivity to ambient light
  • capability of measurement of small optical details
  • self-correcting control of the table rotation
  • feature-rich software
  • ergonomic design


Description Values
Angle measurement range on a horizontal plane 0..360°
Angle measurement range on a vertical plane ±15 arcmin
Maximum angle measurement error
for the G-1DA model 1 arcsec
for the G-3DA model 3 arcsec
Resolution 0.1 arcsec
Repeatability 0.1 arcsec
Size 650×380×370 mm
Net weight 47 kg

Scope of supply

Goniometer 1 pcs
Laptop 1 pcs
Interface cable 2 pcs
Power supply 1 pcs
Changeable mounts 3 pcs
Container 1 pcs
Software 1 pcs
Manual 1 pcs
Certificate 1 pcs

Technical specifications can be changed upon customer's request.

More information about Automatic Goniometers G-1DA and G-3DA (.pdf)

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