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Strapdown Inertial Navigation System

SINS Nav-5

SINS Nav-5 is strapdown inertial navigation system designed for railways applications. SINS Nav-5 is based on fiber-optic gyros (FOG) and quartz accelerometers. The system provides continuous determination and output of position coordinates, motion parameters and attitude angles.

SINS Nav-5 incorporates satellite navigation system receiver (GPS or GPS/GLONASS per customer choice). System is compatible with any type of GNSS receiver, capable of NMEA 0183 data output.

To enhance accuracy characteristics in autonomous inertial mode the system can acquire data from external odometer sensor.

Technical characteristics

Operating Ranges
Angular rate ±60 °/s
Acceleration ±6g
Speed up to 1500 km/h
Pitch ±90°
Roll ±180°
Heading 0..360°
Latitude ±90°
Longitude ±180°

Accuracy1 Integrated INS/GNSS mode Inertial mode (with correction from odometer)
Horizontal coordinates 6 m 0.2% of distance travelled
0.15% of distance travelled (ZUPT mode)
Ground speed 0.15 m/s 1 m/s
Vertical speed 0.3 m/s 0.5 m/s
Attitude (roll, pitch)
dynamic accuracy 0.05° 0.1°
dynamic accuracy 0.1° 0.2° (per 1 hour)
Altitude 6 m 8 m

Data output
Interface RS232, RS422(2 ports)
Output data rate 100 Hz
Data format binary
Cold start 10 min
Operating temperature -20..+75°С
Storage temperature -50..+80°С
Humidity 5..98%
Pressure 450..850 mmHg
Input voltage 20..27 VDC
Power 17 W
Size 245x180x144 mm
Weight 5.5 kg

* all data is 1σ

1 Accuracy data subject to change without notice

More information about SINS Nav-5 (.pdf)

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